3 Effective Ways to Clean the Mountain Buggy Pod High Chair

3 Effective Ways to Clean the Mountain Buggy Pod High Chair

Keeping your baby's high chair clean is essential for their health and safety. The Mountain Buggy Pod high chair is a popular choice for parents who want a portable and versatile high chair. Here are 3 ways to help you clean your Mountain Buggy Pod high chair.

Spot Clean

A quick spot clean is useful for maintaining cleanliness in between regular cleanings. For the less messy eaters or meal times, a spot clean can do the trick. However, it can be time consuming and might not be enough to clean the high chair throughly.

Hand Wash

For a deeper clean, the fabric is removable to hand wash. The fabric is thin so relatively easier to hand wash compared to other portable high chairs. Simply hand wash then air dry. This can also be time consuming, and there would be downtime while the high chair dries.

High Chair Cover

Open image in slideshow, Pod High Chair Cover

High chair covers are an essential to make mealtime less messy, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for your child to sit and eat. 

The Wunderland High Chair Cover for the Pod will catch any spills or crumbs, which can then be easily cleaned up after the meal. It can also be easily removed and washed. Babies and toddlers are notorious for getting food everywhere, and having a cover that can be easily removed and washed is a lifesaver for parents. Simply remove the cover, throw it in the wash, and it will be ready to use again in no time.

High chair covers are a great investment for parents with young children. They provide comfort, hygiene and protection for your child, saves time spent cleaning up after meals, as well as helping to keep your high chair looking great for longer.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your Mountain Buggy Pod high chair clean and safe for your baby to use.

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