Our Story

Hi there! We are a small family business that started in 2020, shortly after our first daughter was born. As new parents, my husband and I were introduced to so many useful products. One of them was the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. We loved how our baby could sit down at the table with us, but dreaded the messy cleanup afterward.

I asked what other parents did, and found many either attempted to clean their high chair after every meal or just put off cleaning it. Looking for a better option, I searched online for a cover. But I could not find one available! So, I decided to buy a sewing machine and make one myself. 

After multiple designs, prototypes, and testing with our own food exploring baby, I finally created a cover that maintained the functions of the high chair while making cleanup a breeze. This has definitely made mealtimes and cleanup far less stressful. It was such a game changer in our home that we thought other parents might find this useful as well. 

Our family has since grown, and the Fast Table Chair has been a fixture at our table for years. We've been using these covers ever since I created that first design, and have been making improvements since then. We also added other products to our shop that have been very helpful in our home. 

We hope you find the high chair cover and other products as useful in your household as it has been in ours and in many other homes!