5 Reasons to Get the Inglesina Fast Table Chair

5 Reasons to Get the Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Hook-on highchairs work just as well, if not better than traditional highchairs. Our favorite is the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Beautifully constructed, sturdy, available in a variety of colors, and with an option for an attachable food tray - it's a popular choice among parents for a reason. There are countless lists and reviews, but we love ours so much we wanted to share we why think it’s worth it.


Hook-on highchairs range from $40-100, which are competitively priced compared to the traditional highchairs. The Inglesina Fast Table Chair retails for less than $70 and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The tray has to be purchased separately, but still totaling less than $100. It's a steal when some of the (sturdier) traditional highchairs can be at least $100.


Perfect for the family isn't staying home just because they have a little one. The fast table chair is easy to fold up and carry out of the house whether you're going to restaurants in town or hopping on a plane to an international destination. With a built in bag attached, it definitely is made to be on the go. It's designed to hook on to almost any table without leaving scratches, which is a huge plus.

Compact and Space Saving

They are meant to be easy to travel with, so it makes sense that the Inglesina is compact and space-saving. This highchair doesn't take up a lot of space at home, which is perfect for smaller spaces or families who don't want a large highchair taking up their dining room.

Seat at the Table

The thing we love about hook-on highchairs is that the baby can sit down with the rest of the family during meals. Baby is instantly part of the bustling during breakfast or the family dinner rather than sitting apart from everyone who is at the table. This also makes it easier to feed baby and yourself since you can position baby anywhere at the table versus having a bulky highchair next to the table.

Inclusive Family Meal Times

Not only is it easier to have everyone at the table, but having baby right there at the table promotes inclusiveness, sharing, as well as autonomy. Baby can see what the rest of the family is eating, and be more curious to try what the rest of the family is eating. It also allows parent to give baby some autonomy when eating while keeping an eye on baby.


Inglesina Fast Table Chair


There is one thing about the Inglesina that bothers us, which we wrote about here. It’s not specific to only the Inglesina or is a major deal breaker, but it is still worth noting when you’re deciding if it’s a right fit for your family.

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