How to Clean the Chicco Caddy Hook On High Chair

How to Clean the Chicco Caddy Hook On High Chair

3 Effective Ways to Clean the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

We love hook on high chairs. They're portable, take up less space, and if you're like us, are used regularly instead of a traditional high chair. However, they have one major flaw: it’s difficult to clean. And depending on who you talk to, that’s kind of a big deal. This chair is meant for a baby who is starting and learning to eat.

That equates to a mess all the time.

It’s frustrating that something that will most certainly get soiled beyond imagination is difficult to clean. And parents are busy – whether you’re working outside the house, a stay at home parent, or working at home. There is already a long list of things to do so why add more unnecessary tasks to your plate? We scoured the internet and found the 3 most effective ways to clean the Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair.

Wipe Down, Hand Wash & Air Dry

This is the manufacturer’s recommendation. Food can sometimes be easily wiped down the fabric seat, but for the most part, it needs a more thorough cleaning. While some people are ok with hand washing this product, it is quite bulky and difficult to thoroughly hand wash. It's also time consuming and tedious.


Washing Machine

Running it through the washing machine is an easier solution than hand washing, but since the manufacturer's recommendation is to hand wash, throwing it in the wash it at your own risk. It also doesn't eliminate having to remove the fabric from the high chair and remembering to remove the rigid base. 

Even though we’re technically saving time by throwing the cover into the washing machine, we still have to disassemble, remove the cover, wait for it to completely dry, then put the cover back on. Like many parents, we wanted an even quicker and more effective solution.

We have a better alternative.

High Chair Cover

Having this high chair cover practically eliminated the downtime with removing and washing the fabric cover and has made keeping this high chair clean so much more easy. 

Mealtimes are also less stressful. Liberating really, for both us and the baby. As baby is getting older, more food gets into more crevices of the highchair. With Wunderland High Chair Cover, baby is free to explore and get food everywhere while we feel at ease, knowing cleaning afterwards is just as easy as taking off a cover and placing a new one. And in less than a minute, we have a clean seat and ready for the next mealtime. Definitely recommend having more than one cover, but even if you just have one, you can throw it in the washer and dryer and it’ll be clean by the next meal!

Not having to remove the fabric cover to wash it has been the biggest selling point. Taking apart the highchair then reassembling it was an inconvenience, and sometimes, frustrating task. It’s a simple enough chore once we got used to it, but having to do it frequently was becoming a major pain point in an otherwise great product.

The Best Option


Of the three options, of course we prefer the Wunderland High Chair Cover the best (you can check its other great features). Like all parenting advice, do what’s best for you and your family. Before having a baby, we used to live a minimalist life and would think twice before getting something. To some extent we still have that mindset, but once you’re sleeping 3 hours at a time during the night, working, and adding chores on your long to-do list, you realize even more that time is a limited resource. Sometimes it’s better to delegate tasks. And that’s what the Wunderland High Chair Cover does. Yes, you can hand or machine wash the fabric seat, but if there’s an available solution that can save you time and effort, is it worth it?

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