How to Keep The Inglesina Fast Table Chair Cover Clean

How to Keep The Inglesina Fast Table Chair Cover Clean

This product is hands down one of the best baby products we own. However, everyone who owns this highchair knows how messy this chair can get.

We initially followed the brand’s recommendation to wipe down the chair when it gets dirty, and to hand wash if it gets really soiled. Neither option worked well for us. Our little one did a lot of “exploration” during mealtimes, so often there was food smashed into every crevice of the highchair. Suffice to say, wiping down the cover would not get it clean. Handwashing presented the same problem. Try handwashing and wringing out a bulky, canvas chair cover saturated with food. So, we chanced it in the washing machine. Turned out fine, but we ran into another issue: it can be a pain to disassemble and the downtime during cleaning can sometimes mean that baby is being held by us during mealtimes.

Downtime can be annoying, but it’s tolerable. Surprisingly, we launder a lot of items that are air dry only, so we’ve gotten used to that. What bothers us most is removing and installing the cover. Parents that use this hook-on highchair have become experts at removing and placing the cover – but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to be? Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to spend that time disassembling and reassembling the highchair? We could be using that time to play with the kiddos, get extra laundry done, or clean up that mess on the floor after meals.

We tried using towels to line the inside of the highchair, but because it would never fit just right and baby was always moving around, the towel only caught some of the mess. And that was if we were lucky.

Frustrated with a makeshift solution and having to constantly wash the cover, we finally found the perfect solution – the Wunderland Highchair Cover. It’s simple to remove, yet its elastic sides and velcro in the front keeps it securely in place. It also has an opening in the back for access to the belt buckle. Designed specifically for the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, it covers the highchair perfectly without impeding on functionality. Best of all, it can go in the washer (and dryer)!

It really has made mealtimes so much easier. We want our little one to explore, and we want to provide the baby with a sense of autonomy. Before WunderCover, deep down I would grimace and dread the cleanup afterwards. I thought I knew messy until I cleaned up after a 10 month-old eating watermelon.

Now, mealtimes are liberating – for both us and the baby. Baby can eat freely, and we know that clean up will be a breeze.

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