7 Most Overlooked Baby Registry Must Haves

7 Most Overlooked Baby Registry Must Haves

When it comes to preparing for a new baby, creating a registry can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to determine what you actually need and what is just a nice-to-have item. Here are seven helpful but often-missed baby registry items that can make your life as a new parent a little easier.

2023 Best Baby Registry Gifts

1. White Noise Machine

Babies are use to the constant noise of the womb, so a quiet room can actually be unsettling for them. A white noise machine can help soothe your baby to sleep by creating a calming environment with gentle background noise. A portable one is even better so you can take it on the go, whether it’s on trips or a sleepover at grandparents’ house. Sweet ZZZ is not only portable, but it has a variety of different background sounds, a built in night light, and 3 timer options.

2. Diaper Pail

Changing diapers is no fun, but a good diaper pail can make the process a little more bearable. Look for one with an airtight seal and odor-absorbing technology to keep your nursery smelling fresh and clean. There a lot of great options out there, but if you want a basic one tried and tested diaper pail, the Diaper Genie will do the job.

3. Reusable Towel

Not a necessity, but after a few weeks or months, you realize how much cleaning up there is. Burp cloths are a known must have, but after the burp cloth stage there is still much to wipe away from your baby’s face - food, runny nose, the list goes on. Stock up on a towel that is not only absorbent and soft for a baby, but can last for years to come. Save in the long run by investing in a quality reusable towel.

4. Splat Mat

Not a glamorous baby registry item, but a necessity. It truly makes cleaning up after a meal easier. Check out this one that can also be used an activity mat when the your little one outgrows the high chair stage.

5. High Chair Cover

It’s a milestone when baby starts solids. After a few months, or meals, parents realize how time consuming and inconvenient cleaning a high chair can be. That's where the Wunderland high chair covers come in. These easily removable covers can be changed out for a freshly washed cover multiple times per day, making mealtime clean-up a breeze.

6. Compact Diaper Bag

There are tons of beautiful, modern diaper bags out there. But after a while, you may get tired of lugging around a heavy pack when you’re heading to a park or running a quick errand. A mini backpack is great to carry the essentials when you’re out with baby. Even better if you can pack all you need in a sling bag to keep your hands free for picking up and chasing!

7. Baby Book

While it may not be a tangible item for your baby, a baby book is a great way to document their milestones and memories. From first words to first steps, a baby book can be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming, but taking the time to research and include these helpful but often-missed items can make a big difference in your life as a new parent. 

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