5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts Parents Will Appreciate

5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts Parents Will Appreciate

Shopping for parents-to-be can be fun or stressful. Some know the exact thing to get new parents, and others either have no clue or would prefer to be told what to get (à la baby registry).

Now that our little one is 18 months old, I can look back and see what items we really appreciated and found indispensable in the first few months – even the first year of life.

  1. Sound Machine

Simply amazing. We were gifted one by my sister and this is one of her go to baby shower gifts. Babies love the white noise because it mimics what they heard in the womb, and it helps to drone out whatever sounds are going on in the house. We used this on the regular for months and months and cannot recommend it enough.

  1. Adjustable/Dimming Nightlight

Whether you are doing breastfeeding or formula, it helps to have an adjustable night light so you can see what you are doing without having to fully rouse everyone awake. The last thing you want to do, is to fumble around in the dark or turn on the light and be the cause for why the baby has been awake for hours in the middle of the night.

  1. Baby Wearing Device

For the first year really, I used a sling daily and sometimes for hours a day. It was great to have the baby nestled comfortably with me while I tidied around the house, was out running errands, or going for a walk. Often, it would be the only way for her to sleep. And if there is something busy moms don’t have time for, it’s wasting precious time. Baby wearing is not only beneficial for the baby, but gives mom (or dad) the ability to multitask and get stuff done. Carrier versus sling is a personal preference, but I preferred the sling because once you learn how to use it – it’s simple and easy. Even now, our 18-month-old will want to go into the sling from time to time while I prep a meal.  So, it was not only great while she was a baby, but well into toddlerhood too.

  1. Diaper Pail

When we first got this as a gift, I debated on whether to return it or give it away. We initially wanted to do cloth diapering so I thought we wouldn’t have use for it. (Kudos to all the parents out there who do cloth diapering!) Though not a glamourous gift, it has been one of the greatest baby shower gifts we received. Practical and useful for the duration of the diapering years.

  1. Meals and Cleaning Service

The first few weeks or months (or years?) are rough. Parents are sleep deprived and lacking the time do anything other than survive because life revolves around this beautiful, but helpless baby. Gift them with the essentials that people without newborns take for granted, such as eating and sleeping. Whether it’s in the form of bringing meals and starting a load of laundry for them while you’re there or getting them a subscription to ready-made meals and a cleaning service – these parents will be immensely grateful.


These are things that we’ve found helpful as new parents that are practical and easy to gift. If we missed something that was super helpful for you, let us know in the comments below!

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