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There are few activities toddlers love more than throwing food on the floor. Keep your floors clean with this specially sized waterproof splat mat for your hook-on highchair. It's designed to fit tight spaces, but provides enough coverage in case your toddler is in the mood for throwing food. Soft, durable and lightweight, yet stays in place.

Food safe and eco-friendly, this is perfect to use under your high chair.


Made of Polyester and Certified Polyurethane Laminate Fabric. Food Safe. PFOA, PFAS and BPA Free. Eco-Friendly – no emission of toxic waste or VOC during fabric manufacturing process. Designed and handcrafted in California 💜

Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold-warm, tumble dry low. Zero residue detergent recommended. Fabric softeners, bleach, stain guard ingredients not recommended. Do not iron or sundry.

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